Colour Analysis

Book an individual, couple or group session in one of our studios in Melbourne, Australia for an unforgettable and empowering experience.


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in-person sessions

$385 AUD

Locations: Kensington or Preston, Victoria, Australia
Duration: 90 minutes

Discover your colour palette with a session dedicated entirely to you.

The session includes:

  • Initial conversation and explanation of our method
  • Undertone analysis
  • Intensity analysis
  • Seasonal palette analysis
  • Subgroup examination
  • Handover and analysis of palette brochure

At the end of the session you will receive:

  • Brochure with your colour palette
  • Convenient business card with your main colours
  • PDF with all the information you need about your best colours for clothing, make-up, jewellery, hair and much more.

$330 AUD per person

Locations: Kensington or Preston, Victoria, Australia
Duration: 2 hours

Explore your chromatic profile alongside a friend or relative. Share a unique experience and compare your chromatic palettes.

What’s covered in this session:

Just like an individual session, a couple session includes:

  • Introductory chat and method breakdown
  • Undertone evaluation
  • Analysis of intensity
  • Seasonal palette analysis
  • Determination of subgroup
  • Review and discussion of the palette
Upon session completion, you’ll be handed:
  • Detailed colour palette brochure
  • Handy business card showcasing your prominent colours
  • Comprehensive PDF outlining your ideal shades for clothing, cosmetics, accessories, hair, and more.

$300 AUD per person

Locations: Kensington or Preston, Victoria, Australia
Duration: Roughly 1 hour per person

Gather with a small group of friends or family members and dive into the world of colours together. It’s more fun when shared, and who knows, you might just find surprising similarities or fun differences in your palettes!

What the session includes:

  • A quick introduction and overview of the process
  • Analysis of everyone’s undertones
  • Discovery of intensity levels
  • Determining each person’s seasonal palette.
  • Looking into the details with a subgroup check.
  • Going over each person’s palette brochure together.

Each person gets:

  • Their own colour palette brochure.
  • A handy card with their main colours.
  • A PDF guide with tips on the best colours for clothes, makeup, accessories, hair, and more.