Discover your colour palette

A once-off experience to discover your colours for life

A once-off experience

A palette is a collection of colours that emphasise your natural chromatic characteristics, making you look radiant and healthy. Colour analysis identifies your personal palette by examining your natural characteristics (undertone, intensity and value). These features don’t change as we age, so a single session will give you tools that can be applied for the rest of your life.

Once you discover your palette, it will be yours forever!

Improve your style

discover your
best colourS

Colours that match your undertone, intensity and value will emphasise your natural beauty. Let’s discover them together!

Shop less
and better

Once you discover your palette, it will be easy to identify colours that suit you and avoid those that don’t. You will shop less and better!

create a smarter wardrobe

All colours within a palette match one another. Therefore, a wardrobe in palette is easy to manage because it contains fewer items that are easily combined.