colour analysis

Discover something new about yourself


Have you ever been told that you looked particularly radiant, healthy and rested when you felt completely normal? Or has anyone ever said that you looked tired when you felt fine?

In the first scenario you were probably wearing your “friend colours”, while in the second case you were “out of palette”!

A colour analysis session will teach you how to recognise your friend colours and create a wardrobe that emphasises your natural beauty.

The four seasons


We utilise the 4 Seasons analysis method, which is used all over the world.
The method is based on the various colours that nature assumes in different seasons: from the cool and intense tones of winter to the more delicate and warm tones of autumn. When we mention seasons in Colour Analysis, we are referring to chromatic seasons. 

Each one of us belongs to a chromatic season, which has nothing to do with the season we were born in, our favourite season, or the current annual season.
Instead, a chromatic season refers to the colours that nature displays during a certain time of year. 

What will your season be?


Colours in the Winter palette are cool and intense, such as white snow, tree trunks dark cool browns and red holly berries.


Colours of the Summer palette are cool and soft, such as the greys of sand and the blues of the ocean.


The Spring palette includes warm and intense colours. Think of green meadows and all of the colours of flowers blooming after winter.


The Autumn palette is full of warm and soft colours, such as the browns, reds, yellows and greens of autumn leaves.

A logical-physical method


To the untrained ear, colour analysis could seem like a frivolous subject without empirical foundation, which is not the case.

There are 8 billion people in the world, each with unique physical and chromatic characteristics. It would be absurd to think that every colour suits each person in the same way. It’s logical: different colours suit different people, depending on their chromatic characteristics.

Do you want to discover which colours work best for you?

A method from Hollywood

The first steps in the world of Colour Analysis were taken in Hollywood, when colour was introduced to the world of cinema. For the first time, costume designers had to deal with the colour of the outfits that the stars wore in each scene. They quickly realised that colours had not only an enormous communicative power, but were also able to enhance (or worsen!) the characters’ appearance according to the requirements of the story. It is safe to say that Hollywood costume designers were the precursors to modern day image consultants. 

These images are timeless examples of how even Hollywood stars have a harmonious glow when wearing their friend colours. These colours look right on them.

Are you able to appreciate the chromatic harmony?


With her unmistakable cool and bright colours, the refined Audrey Hepburn is part of the Winter palette.


Sophisticated and elegant, the Summer palette includes cool and soft colours, like those of the unforgettable Grace Kelly.


The timeless beauty of Marilyn Monroe is enhanced by the warm and bright colours of the Spring palette.


Earthy and spicy, the Autumn palette includes warm and soft colours, like those of the great Sofia Loren.